Winter Wellness Blend *Limited Time*

Winter Wellness Blend *Limited Time*

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The first of our Winter seasonal teas, Winter Wellness is a mild-bodied warming tea blend with sweet notes from the licorice root and lemon peel, balanced out by the earthiness of marshmallow root. It’s the perfect tea to drink on a cold winter day to help support health and well-being. This tea offers a gentle throat coat as well to help keep away that winter tickle. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic marshmallow root, organic ginger, organic licorice root, organic wild cherry and organic lemon peel.

To prepare as a tea, Add 1-2 tsp of blend to a tea strainer or mesh teabag.  Pour 8 oz. 190*-212*F  water over the blend. Steep 3-5 minutes, strain and serve immediately.  For a stronger flavor, use a larger amount of the tea, do not steep longer than 10 minutes or it may become bitter. 

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