Calypso Blend

Calypso Blend

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Calypso is a tropical blend of mango & passionfruit infused black tea leaves, sprinkled with rose petals, red safflower, blue cornflower, and golden calendula - creating a gorgeous rosy-peach colored tea.  Delicious hot and iced, this island inspired tea will help you relax on a sunny day.

Ingredients:  Black OP tea, calendula petals, safflower petals, cornflower petals, rose petals, natural & artificial mango & passionfruit flavors.

Our tester size will make approximately 2-4 cups of tea, while the Medium bag will average 10-12 cups.  

To prepare as a tea, Add 1-2 tsp of blend to a tea strainer or mesh teabag.  Pour 8 oz. 190-212*F water over the blend. Steep 3-4 minutes, strain and serve immediately. 

For a stronger flavor, use a larger amount of the tea, do not steep longer than 10 minutes or it may become bitter. 

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