7 Chakras Tea

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This completely custom tea blend has been carefully crafted to help with meditation and the alignment of your chakras.  Each ingredient was chosen for its specific chakra relation and its metaphysical powers,  curated for a perfect cup of tea.  The brew time on each cup is approximately 5 minutes, and as it steeps the tea changes from a light yellow to a deep rich purple, allowing you to use the tea as both a meditation tool and a meditation drink.  With a citrusy-mint finish and light floral undertones, this tea is sure to quickly become a favorite.

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint Leaf, Rose Hips, Calendula, Lavender, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Cornflower Petal & Butterfly Pea Flowers

Chakra Alignment:

Crown (Sahasrara) - Peppermint
Third Eye (Ajna) - Lavender
Throat  (Vissudha) - Cornflower/Butterfly Pea Flower
Heart (Anahata) - Hibiscus
Solar Plexas (Manipura) - Calendula
Sacral (Svadhisthana) - Orange Peel
Root (Muladhara) - Rose Hips


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