Black Salt - Hiwa Kai

Black Salt - Hiwa Kai

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Hiwa Kai is a unique Hawaiian black lava salt- a solar evaporated Pacific Sea Salt combined with activated charcoal, giving it the stunning black color and silky texture. The charcoal complements the natural sea salt flavor, giving it a bold and unique taste with smoky overtones while also promoting detoxifying health benefits. 

Black salt is often used in protection spells or rituals, given the combined power of salt and the color black.  Easily added to floor washes and cleansers, black salt is a powerful addition to any cleansing or banishing ritual.

(1 oz)

Planetary Alignment: Saturn
Uses: Banishing, Grounding, Protection, Cleansing
Element: Earth / Water
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye
God/Goddess: ALL
Zodiac: ALL