Angelica Root

Angelica Root

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Angelica root has a penetrating, spicy aroma and a spicy, then bitter flavor. It is often an ingredient in bitters as well as flavoring in a variety of before and after dinner beverages. Angelica archangelica is a tall, stout plant with large white flowers. It grows to a height of between four and six feet, and is found from Ontario to Tennessee. It is a popular herb because it contains vitamins B12, fructose, glucose, magnesium, iron, potassium, thiamin, sucrose, zinc and trace minerals. (.5oz)

Botanical Name:
Angelica archangelica L.

Warning - Do not use if pregnant or lactating.

Planetary Alignment: Sun
Uses: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions
Element: Fire
Chakra: Third Eye / Root
God/Goddess: Hecate, Venus, Vesta
Zodiac: Cancer