Blue Sage & Lavender Bundle

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This 4" Blue Sage and Lavender Bundle is made to help the user create a peaceful, calm space.  Blue Sage works to purify and ground while the beautiful purple lavender works to promote healing, internal calmness, and relaxation.  These two plants work to balance your space through their metaphysical properties.  Due to the natural state of these dried herbs, discoloration may occur and colors may not be as vibrant.

Planetary Alignment: Mercury / Neptune / Jupiter / Moon
Uses: Grounding, Cleansing, Relaxation, Attraction, Calming
Element: Air / Earth / Water
Chakra: All
God/Goddess: Virgin Mary, Zeus, Jupiter, Selene
Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini.

All natural sage products are placed in plastic bags for transportation. They are not intended to be kept in the plastic bags. To prevent mold please keep in room temperature, not in extreme temperatures and not in sealed packages.