Bath & Body Products

A new collection of body products from Southern Kitchen Witchery. 

Each Sugar Scrub has been hand blended to ensure the optimal amount of scent & scrub.  A definite treat for your body.  We have 4 specialized scents to choose from!

Each Zodiac Bath Soak is formulated around a sign of the Zodiac, paying special attention to the herbs, attitudes, and alignment of the planets.  There is a blend for each Zodiac sign, twelve in all.  These bath soaks are perfect for elemental work, ritual baths, or just to relax after a hard day. 

Our Elemental Bath Soaks are custom designed for you to be able to harness the power of the elements.  Each element, Fire, Water, Earth & Air, has been carefully constructed and blended to perfection. We hope you enjoy our newest editions!

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